u-school is a comprehensive school management system with a great deal of simplicity and efficiency. The system is specially developed to ease school administration and enhance financial accountability. It is very user friendly and very easy to use. The complexity of tasks have been professionally handled to give you a very simple look and focused task but with very detailed reporting mechanisms..

u-school is feature-rich and very modular. The following are some of the modules available in u-school:

  • Students information management
  • Class management
  • Fees management
  • Bills management
  • Academics management
  • Attendance management
  • Staff management
  • General ledger
  • Bulk SMS messaging

U-school Bonus

Users of U-School have some bonus package that comes with their subscription.


At the core of the system lies a complex security mechanism that ensures that users do only what they have been assigned to do. User access management is very explicit and not implied in anyway. There are no global right assumption by virtue of user authority in the school, all accesses are specifically granted and revoked. There is therefore no accidental access to modules or forms.

Audit trail

There is audit trail on every activity and every user’s activity in the system can be tracked with each login. There is both system and database level auditing to ensure that nothing escapes investigation.

Solid structure

We have done this for years, and worked on many sensitive financial systems. All these experiences have to come to build a solid structure that you can trust for a simplified life with an overwhelming amount of detail.

Business continuity

To ensure that the business thrives even in the face of disaster, the system comes with scheduled automatic backups to both local and cloud storage. With each subscription comes a dedicated 6GB online backup storage for the database. This cloud backup is automatically done.


This is a complete e-learning library where the school can have all the notes and exercises of all sujects in one system. It is a complete e-library with all lessons and quizes. It comes out-of-the-box with some BECE and WASSCE past questions (depending on the school) that students can try their hands on.

Tests are administered and marked with displayed marks and correct answers after each test. Certificates can be awarded and printed out to show a completion of a test. Teachers can convert their entire lesson notes including the exercises and assignments into an online lesson. Students can then learn these lessons and complete the exercises that come with them. Certificate of accomplishment is issued for every successfully completed test.


We have two (2) modes of deployment; as a cloud service and also as an on-site service.

U-learn features

U-learn features U-learn features U-learn features