Electronically enable adaptive synergy for strategic decisions for your business. Automate the routine tasks, get all the information you need and strategize

uSchool is a comprehensive school management system for basic, junior high and senior high schools. It is a very robust and simple to use software solution with very rich features.. With a very simple and intuitive design, uSchool manages everything about your school from admission to alumni information. The feature-rich software has the following modules

Admissions, class management, student attendance management, fees management, bills management, academics management, general ledger management, payroll management, staff management, staff attendance management, bulk SMS management, voucher management, transaction auditing, bank transactions management and alumni management.

We focus on the complex tasks to make them simple and give you the needed data and information to strategize and be above the competition.. Appropriately communicate with parents and guardians via SMS and email on student progress. Validate the day's financial transactions either through the bank, cash or cheque

Unparalleled security and simplicity

Security is a big deal as long as your operations are concerned and we have managed that for you at all levels. At the core of the system lies a complex security mechanism that ensures that users do only what they have been assigned to do. User access management is very explicit and not implied in any way. There are no global rights assumption by virtue of user authority in the school. All accesses are specifically granted and revoked. There is therefore no accidental access to modules or forms.